"There's been a mudder..."

Lisa Wallis (nee Wright) was, like her famous father, born in Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield, in April 1982. It soon became clear that she had inherited her father’s wit, charm, intelligence, stunning good looks and innate modesty – qualities that have made him truly a legend in his own mind.

Her parents ensured that she had a varied and stimulating environment in which to grow up, and this was instrumental in her first two published works: the comprehensive Freehouses of South-East England, and the semi-autobiographical novel, The Curse of McMullens.

Like her father, Lisa had a love of history, and her recreation of the Nuremburg Rally at show-and-tell day at Holy Trinity School left an indelible impression on those present.

Lisa’s interests were not limited to literature and history, but extended to science too. Her pioneering work On the Interaction of Gravity and Chaos Theory was all the more extraordinary for being based on experiments using simply a waste bin and empty crisp packets.

Throughout her life there have been rumours of links with the criminal underworld. Although never proved, she is suspected of being involved in the disappearance of Rainbow Brite. No ransom demand was ever received, but it is widely believed to have been a kidnapping that went wrong, and that Rainbow’s body lies somewhere under a Greek motorway.

In 2011 she married a man believed to be Roberto ‘The Don’ Fornengo, a former Mafia gang boss and informer, living in Hertford under an assumed name as part of an F.B.I. witness protection programme. For some years Lisa worked full-time at the Royal Bank of Scotland, trying to repair the damage that occurred following her father’s departure some two decades before, but the constant threat of exposure means that she and her husband now lead a nomadic life, moving from property to property, job to job, with frequent absences abroad. Despite these distractions, Lisa found time to co-write with her father the extraordinary Scottish Murders. To satisfy the massive demand, Lisa hopes to be able to come out of hiding for long enough to write a sequel.     


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