"The United States is my abiding place;
my warmest friends are American"

Amyas Stafford Northcote (1864-1923) was born in Upton Pyne, Devon, and was the seventh son of the First Earl of Iddesleigh, the Chancellor of the Exchequer under Disraeli.

Educated at Eton, Northcote spent some time in the United States, where he married Helen Dudley in 1890, their two children being born in Chicago. Northcote was an investment banker, and a wealthy man;  the 1911 census shows him living in a nineteen-room property in Berkhamsted. He wrote articles on various subjects for popular magazines, and one book, 'In Ghostly Company', a collection of ghost stories in the style of M.R. James. When the book went out of print, copies became much prized by afficionados of the ghost story, until the book was republished by Wordsworth Editions in 2010.